One Night: (Brothers of Solemn Creed Book 3)


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Guarded Hearts, Unsung Heroes, Defying The Odds

A tragic past. A mysterious, fascinating woman. And a deadly new case.

Firefighter Engineer Jackson “Jax” Honeycutt thought he found the woman who could finally chase away the ghosts of his uncle and aunt’s untimely deaths.

But he’s stunned when she simply disappears.

Even though he imagines hearing her voice everywhere he goes, he’s determined to focus on his career.

Elite first responder Andrea Roberts has fought hard for her career. Still pining for the man she has loved from afar, she treasures the few intimate hours they enjoy together before she rebuffs his advances. Determined to keep him safe, she conceals her identity and walks away from a chance for love.

As Jax pursues answers that could get his family killed, his dreams come to life when Andrea unexpectedly returns to his arms. But as their passionate affair heats up, neither can foresee an old pain twisting into a looming threat.

As the odds stack up against them and danger lurks around every corner, Jax and Andrea must find a way to hold onto their budding romance if they have any chance of saving each other.