In the Heat of It All (Brothers of Solemn Creed Book 1)


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n the Heat of It All is the first book in the thrilling Brothers of Solemn Creed romantic suspense series. If you like small-town intrigue, surprising twists, and simmering chemistry, then you’ll love Jodi James’ heart-stopping story.

After an accident claims the life of one of their own, a band of brothers vow to carry on the legacy of their forefather and right the wrongs of the past.

In the Heat of it All- Book #1 in the Brothers of Solemn Creed series

Firefighter Connor Winslow lost his parents the day he got his dream job. He’s on a quest to save everyone he can, except himself. He carries more than guilt knowing he couldn’t save his parents when they needed him most.

Ellie Richards has her life back on track after her divorce from her abusive ex-husband. She’s a counselor at a family crisis and domestic abuse hotline. She’d do her job for free because she needs them more than they need her.

They are thrust together when Fire station 56 aids her in a single car crash. She insists it wasn’t her fault. She was run off the road and doesn’t want to die. Connor promises not to leave her side.

With no identification, she is a Jane Doe. Connor watches over her and can’t walk away from the one person that penetrated his dormant heart, but when he visits the hospital he finds a man who claims the woman as his. Can he survive losing someone else he loves?

Tragedy brought them together. Will their devastating pasts tear them apart?

Firefighter saves accident victim, but who really saves who?