Gunner (Noble Network Series Book 1)


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Two souls collide in a race against time, where passion burns brighter than their darkest secrets.

Cinder “CJ” Johnson’s life is irrevocably upended as she’s thrust into the cloaked domain of witness protection. Shielded by a team of battle-hardened ex-military operatives led by Gunner Ward, CJ finds herself ensnared by the magnetic pull of Gunner, her only solace. She longs for an existence without danger and fear.

Gunner Ward’s mission: to keep CJ alive at all costs. Gunner fights to retain the armor he diligently built around his heart, but finds he’s drawn to CJ’s courageous resilience in the face of her probable death. Emotions cloud judgments and slow reflexes, which has proven detrimental in the past.

Forced into close-proximity, CJ and Gunner embark on a treacherous journey, where boundaries of duty and desire blur, weaving its tendrils around their every move. As danger tightens its grip, their connection intensifies becoming a beacon of hope amidst the darkness.

The stakes are high, and the consequences are unforgiving.